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Chances are, you’ve never read a publication like the Australian Alert Service (AAS). The AAS is the 20 page newsletter of the Citizens Party, bringing you strategic reporting and programmatic economic policy solutions each week.

The Citizens Party is steeped in the tradition of such Australian leaders as King O’Malley, John Curtin, and Ben Chifley. They led the nation’s development, including through the difficult times of WWII, and oversaw the spectacular increase in manufacturing and productive capacity during the war and the post-war period. They also ushered in a wide range of progressive policies including support for the elderly; assistance to deserted wives and widows, increased wages for women; and many others.

The science of physical economy is the basis of everything we do.  This means the real economy is all about the production of physical goods needed by humans. It is not primarily about money.  Money is merely the instrument we use as a medium of exchange - by itself, money is not wealth.  There is no shortage of money in the world - but there is a shortage of the production of physical goods!  

As you can read elsewhere on this website, the Citizens Party advocates for a national bank, so that low-cost, long-term credit can be extended for large-scale infrastructure projects in water, power and transportation. Australia had this in the Commonwealth Bank for 70 years until it was privatised in 1996. These projects will create more than 1.5 million new industrial jobs within five years.

Subscribing to the Alert Service means you get a front seat to the fight of the century. The fight is between those forces who wish to depopulate and de-industrialise Australia through ‘free trade’ and ‘deregulation’, versus our faction of nation-builders who wish to build up Australia’s productive capacity, and increase our prosperity by increasing our scientific and technological power.

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